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Sales Assistant Cover Letter

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Sales Assistant Cover Letter

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Russell & Bromley Ltd's next sales assistant

My name is Patricia Greer, and I have a background in sales and customer service. Now I’m looking for new and exciting challenges.

When I read about the sales assistant position at Russell & Bromley Ltd, it definitely piqued my interest.

I am convinced I am the right person for the job!

Why do I think that Russell & Bromley Ltd should consider me for this job?

First of all, I feel that my professional background has prepared me well for the challenges that any sales assistant has to face. My role as a retail sales assistant at Sofology has meant a lot to me, and has provided me with invaluable experience in retail sales and customer care.

In the past, I have also worked as cashier at Gaston Grocery store.

I also believe that my expertise and educational background are well in line with what you are looking for, and I always make sure to stay up to date when it comes to new information and developments that affect my job.

Experience and knowledge are important aspects, but they tend to pale in comparison to having the right personal qualities. I am often described as service-minded, cooperative and energetic – traits that I believe are all important to succeeding as sales assistant.

I hope that this application has aroused your curiosity. I also hope that I am the right person for you, and would love the chance to meet you so that we can get to know each other better.


Patricia Greer