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Cowrite – Terms and Conditions

The following general terms and conditions (the “Terms”) apply to visitors (“Visitors”) of www.cowrite.com and its sub-pages (the “Website”), to the person ordering copywriting services (“Client”), the person who creates an account on the Website (” Users ”) as well as anyone using Cowrite’s digital service (“ Service ”or“ Service ”) .The product refers to brokerage texts and recruitment advertisements.

All Users and Customers who visit the Website are Visitors. All Terms and Conditions apply to Visitors.

Terms addressed to Visitors also apply to Customer. Terms addressed to Customer only apply to Customer.

By visiting the Website, Visitors accept the following Terms and Conditions. The terms may change without special notice being made available. It is the Visitor’s duty to keep himself informed of the Terms and Conditions that apply at any given time.

Service-specific terms take precedence over these general terms.

1. Use of the Website

1.1 General The Website and its Service are intended for natural and legal persons for the creation of textual content.

The products in the Service are subscriptions to automatic creation of broker texts, recruitment advertisements, cover letters or orders of tailor made broker texts, job advertisements or proofreading (Copywriting services). When customized broker texts are ordered, images of the item are uploaded, or Cowrite imports the images from the broker system. Then Cowrite creates a version that describes the item and sends it to the Customer.

1.2. Creating an account Visitors can register an account when they visit the Website and are then called Users. In order to create, save and order texts in the Service, an account is required. This requires Visitors to enter their name, email address and password. User agrees to register Cowrite’s processing of personal data in accordance with these terms and conditions and Cowrite’s privacy policy upon registration of the account and that e-mails regarding news and offers may be sent, if User has not expressly opted out of such mailings.

With the account, the User saves all choices in the Service. The user can therefore cancel and resume at a later time without losing any choices.

1.3. SubscriptionsBusinesses or individuals who have registered an account with Cowrite can sign up for a Subscription and are then called a customer (“the Customer”).

For personalized letters, the subscriptions are available in different versions, which are determined by the time the subscription is open: 24h, 1 week, 1 month, 90 days, one year. Prices are quoted when ordering and are subject to change.

For recruitment ads, the subscriptions have three different versions; Basic, Professional and Enterprise. All packages are standardized with varying content and price. The subscriptions are offered with the intention of meeting the company’s or private person’s need to write brokerage texts or recruitment ads. Cowrite offers either Monthly Subscription (“Monthly Subscription”) or Annual Subscription (“Annual Subscription”).

1.3.1 Subscription “Basic”

The price for this subscription can be found on www.cowrite.com, under the “Price” tab

This subscription includes Cowrite’s service, without any adjustments.

1.3.2 “Professional” Subscription

The price for this subscription can be found on www.cowrite.com, under the “Price” tab

In addition to basic “Basic” functionality, this subscription also includes the possibility to order two (2) new job templates per company and month free of charge. In addition, some customization is included, such as company profile (so that the ads automatically contain information about the Customer)

1.3.3 Subscription “Enterprise”

The price for this subscription is stated in a separate quotation. This subscription is adapted to the customer’s wishes, for example with different types of integration or special arrangements regarding the design of the service.

1.4 Subscription of Subscriptions

1.4.1 Entering into a Subscription AgreementAppointment Agreement

Agreement shall be deemed to have been entered into between Cowrite and the Customer;

(i) when Customer confirms the order for a Subscription by email,

(ii) when Customer receives confirmation of purchase from a partner to Cowrite;

(iii) when Customer makes payment by credit or debit card on Cowrite’s website

When registering an account, the customer must name at least one physical contact person.

The terms for the Monthly Subscription expire with a period of one (1) month from the date the email containing confirmation that the Customer’s Monthly Subscription has commenced has been sent to the Customer. If the Customer subscribes to an Annual Subscription, the terms and conditions for the Annual Subscription with a period of twelve (12) months from the date the email containing confirmation that the Customer’s Annual Subscription was started, has been sent to the Customer.

Customer undertakes to check these terms and conditions for each renewal and / or extension or exchange of Subscriptions. In the event that the Customer switches Subscriptions, a new period of (12) twelve months will commence upon receipt of confirmation by the Customer with the terms and conditions applicable to the Subscription to which the Customer has switched.

The Customer undertakes to pay for the service based on the Subscription at the time of subscription of the Subscriptions applicable price list.

The Customer undertakes, by registering an account and subscribing to a Subscription, to comply with these terms, as well as any other ordering rules and instructions published by Cowrite from time to time via the Website.

The Customer shall ensure that all Users within the Customer’s company that use any of Cowrite’s Subscriptions are aware of and accept these terms.

1.5 Fees for Subscriptions

For the Subscriptions and additional services provided by Cowrite, fees are based on the current price list. All prices are stated excluding VAT, which is added according to the applicable VAT rate. Cowrite reserves the right to make price adjustments in the subscription and service offerings.

1.6 Binding Time and Termination

For cover letters, the subscriptions will expire when the selected period of subscription has expired.

For recruitment advertisements, if the Customer wishes to cancel his Subscription, the Customer must notify Cowrite in writing, taking into account one (1) month’s notice period. The written requirement is fulfilled if the Customer sends an email to [email protected], or if the Customer cancels the subscription under “Account” in Cowrite’s Service. Cowrite is not obligated to pay back subscription costs, regardless of when the Subscription is canceled. Upon cancellation of the Annual Subscription, the subscription will run for the period for which the Customer has paid.

The annual subscription is extended by 12 months at a time, unless terminated by either party at least one (1) month before the subscription expires.

The customer also has the opportunity to switch or upgrade between different Subscriptions. However, the Customer must notify Cowrite in writing that the Customer wishes to switch Subscriptions. Cowrite then has (1) month to switch to the Customer’s desired Subscription. The written requirement is fulfilled if the Customer sends an email to [email protected].

Cowrite is entitled to terminate a Subscription for a Customer, in whole or in part, by giving written notice to the Customer with at least three (3) months notice period.

Cowrite has the right to cancel Subscriptions for a Customer, in whole or in part with immediate effect on the Customer;

(i) breaches its obligations under paragraph 1.7 and does not take correction within ten (10) days of written notice;

(ii) go bankrupt, suspend their payments, enter into bargaining, enter into liquidation or may otherwise be considered insolvent.

In the event of death, Cowrite reserves the right to cancel Subscriptions and delete any data that the Customer has stored in Cowrite’s service for the deceased after 6 months from the death or in agreement with the estate.

1.7 The Customer’s ResponsibilityThe Customer is responsible for ensuring that the Customer and the User added by the Customer have the necessary connections and equipment for the Website, including a functioning Internet connection and digital devices and browsers that enable access to Cowrite and thus the use of the Subscriptions.

The Customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided in connection with the registration of a Subscription, the use of a Subscription, the Service and any additional services. The customer is responsible for continuously updating their contact details so that they are correct at all times. Cowrite shall not be liable for any damages arising from the Customer providing incorrect information.

The Customer is responsible for ensuring that personal and user-specific information such as user identity and password or other documents, certificates or devices that can be used for access to Subscriptions are stored in a secure manner and not used or disclosed by anyone unauthorized.

If the Customer suspects that such information has come to the attention of any unauthorized person or is otherwise abused, the Customer is obliged to immediately change his password.

1.7.1 Use and Abuse of the SubscriptionThe Customer is responsible for activities taken by the Customer and other Users who have given the Customer the opportunity to use a Subscription. The Customer is thus responsible, inter alia, for any transfer of information and electronic documents taken by the Customer and the User within the framework of the Subscription.

The Customer is obliged, in addition to these terms and conditions and any rules and instructions published by Cowrite from time to time, to comply with applicable laws, regulations, government decisions and generally accepted ethical and moral values ​​when using the Subscriptions.

The Customer may not use the Subscriptions in such a way that Cowrite or others suffer from inconvenience or injury.

If Cowrite suspects that a Customer or User is using the Subscriptions in violation of this paragraph, Cowrite has the right to delete and / or prevent the Customer and User from transmitting information and / or electronic documents and the right to cancel Subscriptions for the Customer without prior notice and the User and terminate the Subscription with immediate effect.

2. Payment Terms

2.1. When purchasing texts

Weekers may in certain Subscriptions purchase copywriting services from Cowrite. Agreements shall be deemed to have been concluded between Customer and Cowrite when Customer has pressed the “Send” button in the ordering process. By purchasing a text on the Website, Customer accepts the parts of these Terms that apply to Customer.

The stated price for copywriting services for corporate customers refers to the price excluding VAT. Cowrite reserves the right to make price adjustments in the supply.

2.2. When purchasing a SubscriptionFor the Subscriptions as well as additional services provided by Cowrite, fees are based on the price list applicable at any given time. All prices are stated excluding VAT, which is added according to the applicable VAT rate.

Cowrite reserves the right to make price adjustments in the supply.

The Customer undertakes to notify Cowrite promptly of changed conditions affecting the conditions for pricing, and the price may be adjusted for the coming period.

2.4. General about payment

For recruitment and brokerage services: Payment is made monthly in advance through invoice payment.

For cover letters: Payment is made when subscribing, by credit card.

The payment by credit card is always including VAT.

2.5 Invoice termsInvoice payment is made through Billogram. When you buy an invoice with Billogram, you do it in a fast, secure and fun way. You never have to enter your card details.

The credit period is 14 and 30 days for private individuals and companies respectively. The invoice is distributed via e-mail, postal or e-invoice. A reminder fee of SEK 60 and interest on late payment of 2.2% per month will be added in case of non-payment. If no payment is made thereafter, the claim may be handed over for debt collection where additional collection costs are added.

Billogram processes personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations. “Data Protection Regulation” refers to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free flow of such data and on the repeal of Directive 95/46 / EC including all any changes and additions thereto. More information can be found in our privacy policy.

Card payment is made via the Stripe tool. (Www.stripe.com). All payments are inlcluding VAT.

3. Accessibility The website is accessible via the internet 24 hours a day. However, Cowrite reserves the right, in the event of updates or maintenance, to shut down the Website or part of the Website for a limited time.

The communication speed between Visitor / Customer and Cowrite’s server depends partly on the Visitor’s / Customer’s choice of data transmission system and partly on traffic volume. Any disruption of access to the Website may occur due to Internet connection, disruption of the web host, or maintenance of the service.

4. Processing of personal data

4.1 General information about Cowrite’s processing of personal data Visitors and Customers agree that personal data in connection with visits, use of the Website, registration of an account, registration in the Service, when purchasing copywriting services and in contact with us (via e-mail) are processed in accordance with these conditions. and Cowrite’s privacy policy.

Cowrite is responsible for personal data and in some cases personal data assistant for personal data submitted in connection with assignments or which is otherwise registered in connection with preparation for or administration of an assignment. Cowrite can also supplement the information if needed in customer cases.

4.2 Types of personal dataCustomer is asked when registering an account, in the Service and when purchasing copywriting services to enter or submit data that may constitute personal data. Personal data that Cowrite collects and processes is handled in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2016/679) and other applicable law.

Such personal data may be the following but not exclusive; name, address, phone number, organization number, e-mail address and login details.

4.3 Purpose and scope of Cowrite’s processing of personal dataPersonal data is processed by Cowrite for administration and fulfillment of Cowrite’s assignments and for taking measures before assignments are accepted. Processing of personal data is also done in order for Cowrite to fulfill Cowrite’s obligations according to law. The personal data can also form the basis for Cowrite’s customer surveys, business and method development as well as for statistics and risk management. Cowrite may also use the information for marketing purposes such as sending out newsletters and offers to the Customer, if the Customer has not opposed such marketing.

The personal information that Cowrite collects about Visitors and Customers is processed by Cowrite and other companies with which Cowrite cooperates, however only in the EU and EEA, with a view to preparing and fulfilling the service, requested measures or any obligations that may result from law or regulation.

4.4 Storing of personal data Cowrite will retain the personal data of the Buyer, Users and Customer as well as personal data concerning contact details of private individuals who have provided Cowrite through collaborating partners.

The personal data is stored only as long as it is necessary for the purposes for which the data is processed, which depends on whether or not a customer relationship is established. A customer relationship arises when any form of contact via email, telephone or video is established with Cowrite.

If a customer relationship is not established, the personal data will be deleted after 6 months if the contact information is received through a partner, otherwise after 12 months. If a customer relationship is established but without Visitors obtaining individual counseling or purchasing a product from Cowrite, Visitor’s personal data is stored for 24 months.

Upon completion of an assignment, Cowrite will retain the Customer’s personal data, all relevant documents and all relevant work results generated in an assignment, during the time that Cowrite considers appropriate for the particular type of assignment, and in accordance with Cowrite’s advisory responsibilities, in accordance with the rules about prescription.

In some cases, we may need to save the Customer’s personal data for other time limits than the above, since the purpose of saving the data is other than the customer relationship, eg. for us to comply with accounting legislation.

4.5 Rights as registered

Private person who is Visitor or Customer has the right to receive information about the personal data of Visitors or Customer processed by Cowrite, and if necessary request correction of data, that personal data should be deleted or that the processing of personal data should be restricted. The Customer also has the right to data portability and to submit complaints about the processing of the Visitor / Customer’s personal data to the Data Inspectorate.

The request for any of the above rights is made in writing to: Cowrite, att. Data Protection Officer, Rörstrandsgatan 24 Lgh. 1102, 113 40 Stockholm, Sweden and must be signed including a copy of the ID document. The signed request including a copy of the ID document can also be scanned and sent via e-mail to [email protected].

In some cases, Cowrite has the right to deny the request for deletion if there are legal obligations that prevent immediate deletion of certain personal data. These obligations may, for example, depend on accounting and tax legislation or consumer law. It may also in some cases be due to the fact that the treatment is necessary for Cowrite to determine, assert or defend legal claims. If Cowrite is unable to fulfill the request for deletion due to the above reasons, the personal data will be locked to be used for purposes other than for the purpose that prevents the requested deletion. Access to the locked personal data will be narrowly restricted to employees at Cowrite and it will only be the User / Customer who has the opportunity to request this personal data.

Cowrite cooperates with the police and other authorities and may, at the authority’s written request, disclose information including personal information about Users and Customer to them.

User and Customer guarantee and agree that information provided if other than User or Customer does not in any way violate, infringe or otherwise infringe the rights of third parties, such as, but not limited to, copyright, trademark law, or privacy.

4.6 Cookies The Website uses cookies and tags for the Website to function optimally and for all content to be displayed correctly. A cookie is a text file that is sent from Cowrite’s web server and stored on the visitor’s browser or device. Cowrite also uses cookies for overall analytical information regarding Visitors’ use of Cowrite’s products, to save functional settings and to be able to direct relevant news and offers to Users. For more information on this, see the “Cookies” tab on the Website.

4.7 Personal data representative

Personal data controller for processing personal data in connection with the Website is Cowrite AB. Data Protection Representatives can be reached at [email protected].

4.8 Right of reference

Cowrite has the right, for marketing purposes, to communicate the cooperation with the Customer’s companies after the Customer has approved these general terms and conditions. All public communication about the collaboration must first be approved by the Customer, since the communication includes something in addition to the individual fact that the Customer’s company is a customer.

5. Limitations of Liability

5.1 Cowrite’s responsibility when using the ServiceTravel helps the Visitor and the Customer to create texts based on the input values ​​specified in the respective brokerage system, recruitment system or input themselves. Visitors and Customers are responsible for the accuracy of the entry values ​​stated in the Service. If the given input values ​​are correct, Cowrite is responsible for ensuring that the texts that are created based on the given input values ​​are linguistically correct.

Each Visitor and Customer declares by visiting the Website that the texts created in the Service are based on the stated entry values.

In addition to Cowrite, Cowrite provides support via telephone and email. The support is intended to help the Customer use the Service and the Website.

If the company has not been grossly negligent, Cowrite is not liable for any damage caused by the Customer not being able to use the Service in the intended manner due to interruptions or other disruptions in computer or communication systems used by Cowrite or when necessary maintenance of Cowrite’s computer system.

The Customer is responsible for any damage which he or she may suffer due to errors or defects in the Customer’s own data and / or communication equipment, software or subscription.

The creation of text in the Service is based on circumstances stated by Visitors and Customers as well as facts at the time they are given. Cowrite does not undertake to update texts with regard to subsequent changes in input values.

5.2 Cowrite’s responsibility for copywriting services

With copywriting services to the Customer, the texts are adapted to the images that are uploaded or referred to in the individual case and instructions provided by the Customer to Cowrite. The customer is responsible for the accuracy of the input values ​​provided. Customers cannot use the texts for any other purpose or for any matter other than for which the texts were written.

Cowrite does not undertake to update already created texts for subsequent changes in circumstances, facts or initial values.

5.3 General Limitations of Liability Unless otherwise agreed, Cowrite shall not be liable to the Customer for the completeness or accuracy of the information provided by the Customer or others in an assignment. Cowrite is not liable to the Customer for any loss or damage arising from the Customer’s use of Cowrite’s work results or texts in any other context, or for any other purpose than for which they were given. Cowrite has a liability insurance that is customized for the business for damage caused to the customer as a result of errors, neglect or breach of contract on the part of Cowrite. The liability for direct damage is limited to an amount of 15% of the annual fee for each subscription. Cowrite is not responsible for indirect damage. Cowrite’s liability for damages caused to Customer as a result of errors or neglect on the part of Cowrite shall be limited to the damage Customer suffers. This means that the liability shall be reduced by all amounts that may be taken out under any insurance that the Customer has taken out or that has been taken out for the Customer or under an agreement or indemnity relationship where the Customer is a party or beneficiary, unless it is incompatible with the Customer’s agreement with an insurer or other third party or if Customer’s rights vis-à-vis an insurer or third party are violated because of this.

Cowrite is not responsible for any damage caused by Swedish or foreign law, Swedish or foreign government action, war event, strike, blockade, boycott, lockout or other similar circumstances. The reservation regarding strike, blockade, boycott and lockout applies even if Cowrite itself is the subject of or takes such a conflict action. If there is an obstacle for Cowrite to make Service available or take other action due to circumstances under this paragraph, the action may be postponed until the obstacle has ceased.

6. Complaints

Customer must immediately (Cowrite) address any errors or deficiencies in connection with the creation of a text in the Service or if the Customer finds errors or is dissatisfied with his text or copywriter service. Complaints should be filed as soon as the customer detects or removes the error. Complaints are made to [email protected].

In the event that Customer and Cowrite cannot agree, the Customer has the opportunity to file a dispute resolution application for dispute resolution via the European Commission’s online platform. The application is made online by giving the Customer an answer to a number of questions and completing a complaint form via the link: https://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home2.show&lng=EN. Further information on the complaints procedure via the European Commission’s online platform and on Customer’s rights when purchasing online is available at the link: https://ec.europa.eu/info/policies/consumers_en.

7. Right of withdrawal at purchase

When purchasing text in the Service, a customized text is created specially designed according to the Customer’s information provision and answers to questions / choices in the Service. Since the text obtained by the Customer is of a clear personal touch, created solely for this particular Customer at the time of purchase, based on the Customer’s response / choice in Service, there is no possibility of a right of withdrawal after completed purchase, in accordance with Chapter 2, Section 11 of the Distance Agreement Act. For ordering of additional services, Customer may have the right to cancel his purchase by notifying Cowrite within 14 days of Customer placing the order.

In the event that the customer buys a text in connection with copywriting services by one of Cowrite’s copywriters, a customized text is created specially designed according to the customer’s information and / or specified images. There is no possibility of a right of withdrawal after the customer has been verbally confirmed and, upon receipt of an order confirmation, has been informed that the customer’s agreement has been started and that there is no right of withdrawal in accordance with Chapter 2, § 11 of the Distance Contracts Act.

8. Guarantee

If the Customer or User is not satisfied with the customized text delivered from Cowrite’s copywriters, the customer has the opportunity to obtain a revised version. A prerequisite for obtaining such a guarantee is that within 14 (14) days from the time of purchase, the Customer calls Cowrite and makes such request, and that Cowrite is given the opportunity to interview the Customer about any changes he wishes.

9. Complaints and improvements to the Customer Ombudsman

If the Customer is dissatisfied with how the Customer’s case has been dealt with by Cowrite or has suggestions for improvement measures in our handling or at Cowrite as a company, the Customer is primarily referred to contact Cowrite via e-mail at info @ cowrite. com.

10. Copyright

The content of the Website as well as the underlying software is protected under the Copyright Act. The information hereby also has copyright protection such as database under the same law. It is forbidden, without Cowrite’s consent, to make copies – regardless of the technology used – of all or part of the content on the Website. Without such consent, it is also prohibited to make all or part of the content of the Website accessible to the public through the use of the Internet or otherwise.

The work results that the Customer obtains by using the Service may be used freely just like any other text.

Anyone wishing to use any of the content in any other way than is currently stated is asked to contact Cowrite via email: [email protected].

11. Linking When linking to the Website, the Website should always be opened in a new window. The content of the Website may never be presented within the framework of another website without Cowrite’s prior consent. Do not link in such a way that the Website content is at risk of being misunderstood or misunderstood.

12. Dispute

Cowrite strives to always work with improvements to our products and services. An important part of this work is to take the dissatisfied Customer’s complaints and complaints very seriously. The easiest and fastest way to get corrected in case of any errors is to contact us by e-mail [email protected].

If, after a complaint, Customer still does not feel satisfied, Customer may contact:

General Complaints Board Box 174101 23 STOCKHOLM

The General Complaints Board is impartial and examines private individuals’ disputes against traders at no cost. Cowrite follows the General Complaints Board’s recommendations and decisions in the event of a dispute.

Read more on the General Complaints Board’s website.

Dispute can also be settled through simplified arbitration with an arbitrator in accordance with the rules of the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce’s Arbitration Institute. These terms and all issues surrounding them and all issues relating to Cowrite’s assignment for Customer are governed by and interpreted in accordance with Swedish substantive law.

13. Action against unauthorized use The content of the Website is the result of extensive work. Cowrite looks very seriously at the unauthorized use of the content on the Website and actively takes action against anyone who does so. Cowrite reserves the right to suspend Visitors or Customers who have violated these Terms and any legal action may be taken against them.

14. Changes to the Website or the Terms

Cowrite are entitled to make changes to the Website at any time. Such changes may, for example, refer to changes in the technical solution on the Website (Service / Subscriptions) and / or the Website’s design and design and may result in the termination, alteration or addition of certain features and / or the technical conditions for accessing the Website.

These terms may change by Cowrite from time to time. The latest version is always available on Cowrite’s website, www.cowrite.com. Changes to the Terms apply only to the assignments that commence after the modified version is posted on Cowrite’s website. A copy of the latest version of these Terms will be sent to Customer upon request.