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Featured in Robot Writing Reflections

Featured in Robot Writing Reflections – “We have weaved a 2000-year rethorical tradition into our algorithm” – an interview with Magnus Paues, Co-Founder of Cowrite


Olle Bergman, a freelance writer, communications trainer and author, has created a blog about how NLG tech will affect various instances in society. In this particular post, Cowrite’s CEO Magnus Paues tell us the story of Cowrite, how Aristotle’s teachings appear in the algorithms, and how automated writing will affect society in the future.

He talks about the ground-breaking new technique of creating a cover letter with augmented writing, and how that, ultimately, will render cover letters obsolete. His thoughts on this are that, when every cover letter becomes perfect, recruiters won’t be able to sort out the people who failed to write a good cover letter. That means the recruitment process will be more unbiased and competence-based, as the applicant’s skills and CV are what renders an interview.

The interview, alongside the CV is in the long run the best way of determining if a candidate is suited to do a particular job or fit in to a particular team – not the level of the candidate’s writing. Unless he or she is applying to be a copywriter, that is.

Furthermore, with the rise of augmented writing, cultural boundaries will not be as important as they once were. Speaking English is important, that’s for sure, but writing is not as important to excel as a, say, full stack developer. Or electrician. Well, all these things are covered in the interview.

Fredrik Hanefalk
Founder of Cowrite

Fredrik is a devoted copywriter and systems architect, with a fanatic passion for writing music and eating beef steaks. He has been to almost every country in the world and wants to change it by helping people write as well as himself.

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