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Our AI Cover Letter Builder will help you write a professional cover letter in just a few minutes. Created by experts. Using the latest technology.

Why use the Cover Letter Builder?

  • Our users get employed 48 days faster than average (according to an independent report from our biggest client)
  • Fast and easy
  • Customized to suit every type of job and employer

How does it work?

A happy user of the Cover Letter Builder
I had been unemployed for nearly two years – and suddenly I got three interviews in one week! Thank you for a great product!
Karl Wilson
Key Account Manager
A happy user of the Cover Letter Builder
Aside of giving me a great structure and a correct language, the Cover Letter Builder gave me ideas on how I could start my applications in a creative way. If I got to the interview stage? Of course!
Maria Simons
A happy user of the Cover Letter Builder
Being born and raised in India, with English as my second language, I needed some help with the grammar and wording. With Cowrite's Cover Letter Builder, I just had to think about who I am and what I'm good at. Thanks Cowrite for a great product!
Ramesh Sharma
Front-end developer

How our cover letter builder helps you land that job faster

A smart template for creating your cover letter
Cowrite has created an application that takes templates to a whole new level. By answering simple questions about yourself, the service helps you create cover letters that are perfectly tailored to suit any job and employer. From various text options suggested, you choose the alternative that best describes your experience and personality.

To increase your chances of landing the interview, it is absolutely crucial that your cover letter is well-written and tailored for the job. This is precisely what Cowrite will help you achieve.

How does the technology work?
Our advanced algorithms seamlessly weave together your answers with pre-written texts sections from a large database. The texts in the database are created by professional copywriters, which means that your cover letter will be of exceptional quality.

You can find examples of cover letters created by our cover letter builder below. Writing a cover letter with Cowrite takes around 10 minutes. Can you imagine being just a click away from your perfect cover letter!

Who created the service?
The texts generated by this application have been created by Cowrite’s experienced and highly-trained team of copywriters. We have made sure to be able to help you with everything from headline and introduction to a really good ending.

It’s free to try!
Increase your chances of landing your dream job! Minimize the risk of being outperformed by other applicants before you even get to the interview. And, if you don’t like the suggestions created for you by the Cover Letter Builder, you pay nothing.

Try now!

Tips on how to write a good cover letter

1. Tailor the letter to the job
Recruiters are quick to ignore generic letters that are not customized for the position you’re applying for. Be sure to look closely at the job description to figure out the key components and customize your letter accordingly.

    2. Don’t reinvent the wheel
    When writing content intended to persuade the reader, the “arrangement” or organizational structure of classical rhetoric is, without a doubt, the best way to go:

  • Introduction: Write something that piques the reader’s interest. You only have a few seconds to grab their attention.
  • Background: Why are you applying for this particular job, with this particular employer?
  • State your case: For a cover letter, it is as simple as asserting that you are a perfect fit for the job!
  • Outline your arguments: Describe why you are the perfect candidate for the job. Feel free to divide this section into parts, such as previous experience, education and personality traits.
  • Conclusion: Write your “call-to-action” here. This section should ideally underscore why the employer should not miss the opportunity to meet with you.

3. Keep it short and sweet
Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. Keep that in mind when writing your cover letter.

4. Proofread. Tomorrow.
Let your cover letter rest for a day or two, then proofread it. You will almost certainly change something when revisiting your text after a good night’s sleep.


What is the Cover Letter Builder?

The Cover Letter Builder is an amazing service that creates high-quality cover letters in a very short time. Most people are pleasantly surprised the first time they use our service, as the result is truly mind-blowing. And that’s not just us talking. Users write to us daily, telling us they finally landed that interview for the job they were applying for.

Why should I use the Cover Letter Builder?

Writing cover letters is something most people struggle with. The standard method these days is to find a template online, tweak it and be done with it. Or, finding a mediocre free cover letter generator, which gets you a generic “off-the-shelf” text that gets you nowhere.

Your cover letter is a vital step of your job application. If the cover letter is poorly written, your chances of getting to the in-person interview drop to zero. It is as simple as that.

Cowrite combines your answers to questions about yourself, and the position you are applying for, with a vast database of content, created by copywriters. You will find the generated cover letter to be concise, eloquent and spelled correctly.

Can I write a CV and resume with this service?

We are happy to announce that the answer to this question is soon to be YES! As you are reading this, Cowrite is developing the best CV-writing software on the market. We will shortly be able to offer different resume templates much like Cowrite’s Cover Letter Builder. Your resume and cover letter can be built simultaneously, using uniform graphics.

Keep an eye out for our CV and resume builder here on our website! We will also publish examples and tips on how to write your CV and resume.

Isn't there a risk of every letter turning out the same?

Not at all! Your unique answers will be combined with a vast database of content that is chosen by an advanced algorithm to match your specific answers. That way, all texts created by our Cover Letter Builder will be truly unique.

In addition, the builder provides you with many different alternatives to choose from, which means that no two cover letters can ever be the same.

Does it really work? It sounds too good to be true!

Every week, thousands of letters are created using Cowrite’s Cover Letter Builder.

So yes, it really works, and it works amazingly well!

Try it yourself today – it is completely free to set up an account and create a draft!

Can I use Cowrite free of charge?

Signing up, setting up your profile and creating a cover letter draft is completely free of charge. You pay only if you like the result. Our available subscriptions are the following:

24 hours – 9 USD

1 week – 19 USD

1 month -25 USD

3 months – 65 USD

1 year – 100 USD

Some of the companies that use Cowrite’s augmented writing technology