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How to Show Your Personality in a Cover Letter

How to Show Your Personality in a Cover Letter

Have you ever had a work break? We don’t mean just a weekend off. We mean a real one. Like where you took off a year or so and spent your time making sock puppets, riding a horse, or surfing. Maybe you introduced a beautiful new soul in the world, and you took maternity leave that went on for a little longer than expected. Perhaps you decided to travel the world, or, maybe, just maybe, you just haven’t set foot in a real-time job yet.

No matter your reason, you’re probably reading this because you’re looking to get to work. But of course, you’re now wondering what the best way to write a cover letter is when you want to show personality, and how to describe yourself in a cover letter.

Here, we’re going to discuss how to make a cover letter stand out. Whether you’re looking for stay at home mom resume cover letter examples, or you’re going back into the world of work for any other reason – this article should help you set things straight.

Why Is It Important to Show Personality In a Cover Letter?

Put simply: it shows your enthusiasm. When looking into how to describe yourself in a cover letter, you don’t want it to be generic. The recruiter is screening hundreds of applications for every job they post, and a generic cover letter won’t make the cut.

By showing the hiring manager your shining personality, they will be more likely to notice you when you reach the interview stage of the hiring process. It is basically giving you a “thumbs up” from the recruiter in advance. If they think you’re a good candidate, then they’ll probably make a mental note of the fact that you took the time to express yourself in a positive light.

In addition to this, it gives the hiring manager an idea of who you are, your previous experiences, thought process, and interest. Often when hiring managers first read a job application, they notice how concise the candidate is.

All in all, when looking into how to make a cover letter stand out – all you have to do is show a little personality and share previous experiences in the best possible way.

How to Show Personality

how to show your personality in a cover letter

When looking at how to describe yourself in a cover letter, you don’t have to take the boring route. Whether you’re somebody who has experienced a lot in their life through travels, or you’re just looking for a stay at home mom resume cover letter – you can make your words shine through.

Try to think of a few personality quirks or things that make you unique, and word it in a way that’s brief, yet fun to read.

Try a Creative First Sentence

The best cover letters out there are organic, funny, well-written and seemed to have been written by someone who has a new reason for living: to work for the company. Their voices filled the letter, and you could see how fun their office culture was going to be.

Stay away from generic opening sentences like ‘’I’m applying for position XYZ because’’. While this is a fine way to begin, the recruiter has sure enough already seen this hundreds of times. Try to be more engaging and show precisely where your passions lie.

Tell a Story

Don’t just duplicate your resume – tell the hiring manager a story! Once you have come to terms with your voice and style, it’s time to start writing. Sure, following your resume can always be an easy way to start and structure, but it can also come across as impersonal and bland. Instead of just repeating what’s on your resume, use the cover letter to reflect and connect your experience to who you are as a person.

Fake It Till You Make It

how to show your personality in a cover letter

The biggest challenge when looking for the best way to write a cover letter is that you’re always trying to sell yourself to a stranger. Get your mind out of the gutter, that’s not what we mean!

What we’re trying to say is that the person reading your cover letter has no idea who you are; they don’t know anything about you. When you add it all up, it can lead to an overly formal cover letter that’s jam-packed full of skills, job titles, and overused phrases that all say nothing about you.

Try flipping the switch and instead, pretending that the recruiter already knows you’re amazing, that you’re worthy of working for their company – and of course, that you’re exactly what they need

Having this mindset from the get-go allows you to climb out of the drudgery that is listing all your skills, and will teach you a thing or two in how to make a cover letter stand out from the rest.

Receive Automated Help

If you’re not sure where to start in the best way to write a cover letter, check out our AI robot that is built to help you improve your writing skills. Cowrite’s service helps you to create high-quality texts in a concise period of time. All you have to do is answer several questions about what you want to write about, then Cowrite suggests pieces of text based on your choices. You can vary all the elements of text and thus create the perfect cover letter for you.

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