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About Us

About us

Writing is hard. Most people, sometimes even professional copywriters, feel that way.

The most common tool and also the most prominent technical innovation in this area is, until today, “copy/paste”. Find a decent text that someone has already written and copy it. The result will be good at best, but for the most part it will be bad, or even lousy.

Cowrite was founded in 2014 by Fredrik Hanefalk and Magnus Paues, two people with a vision to automate creativity and find a way to scale copywriting.

Today we work in the real estate and recruitment industries, where we have seen an unmatched increase in conversion rates. Well-written content gives measurable results. The fact that the process takes just a few seconds makes it all even better.

We call the technique “augmented writing” and it is the future of writing.

How does it work?

We always begin by analysing your organisation’s texts and identifying any content that can be automated. This content is then programmed into our text robot, which in turn asks questions of the user. The robot will then generate a text from millions of possible combinations and the user will be offered the opportunity to either edit the generated text or simply use it as is.

This process takes only a matter of minutes and Cowrite guarantees the quality of the generated text.