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Recruitment Consultant Cover Letter

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Recruitment Consultant Cover Letter

As a future recruiter consultant you probably already know that a cover letter adjusted to the job you’re applying for significantly increases your chances of being called for an interview. However, this can be both quite time and energy consuming.

With Cowrite writing professional cover letters becomes fun and easy. Simply answer questions about yourself and then choose between different suggestions of a cover letter.

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Specialist skills and sound judgment seek company

Working as a recruiter has truly been exciting. I’ve been able to consistently learn and grow, and no two days have been alike. It would take a special kind of opportunity to make me want to take on a new career. One such opportunity would be to get to work as a recruitment consultant at Locke & McCloud.

I am confident that I would excel at this job!

I would like to highlight three main qualities that I believe make me the right person for this position.

The first would be my experience. During my seven years at CCG Associates, I was able to cultivate my interest in recruitment and human resources. This, in turn, allowed me to develop new skills in this area – skills that I would like to hone further, as a member of your team at Locke & McCloud. Furthermore, I feel that my experience in recruitment in an international environment has contributed significantly to my overall development.

Secondly, I would like to highlight the fact that my educational background meets the requirements you have for the recruitment consultant position. I have a Bachelor’s degree in human resources from University of Glasgow and I make it a priority to stay up to date on the topics related to my field of work.

Last, but certainly not least, I think that my personal traits and abilities make me the right person for this job. I am proud of my set of skills and make sure to remain up to date on new developments in my area of expertise, and I know that my ability to exercise good judgment has been appreciated by my previous employers.

Furthermore, I am communicative, and achievement-oriented in my professional role.

I hope that this brief presentation of who I am has been of interest to you, and that I will be afforded the chance of an interview with you. I am convinced that I would be able to meet and exceed the Locke & McCloud’s expectations of a recruitment consultant, and I would relish the opportunity to prove it.


Barry Brent