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Lab Technician Cover Letter

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Lab Technician Cover Letter

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Piramal Pharma Solutions's new lab technician

Since I left my job as a laboratory assistant, I have been looking for a job where I can put my skills to good use. When I read about the lab technician position at Piramal Pharma Solutions, it immediately caught my attention.

I am writing to let you know that I would jump at the chance to be your new colleague!

This job would suit me perfectly!

The way I see it, there are several factors that suggest that I am the right person to contribute to your continued success.

First of all, my previous work experience has given me a stable foundation to build on when it comes to working in executing laboratory testing, analysis and reporting. My job as a laboratory assistant has been particularly important when it comes to developing the skills necessary to succeed as a lab technician.

Secondly, I would like to highlight my education. I have a Bachelor’s degree in chemistry from University of Northampton. Aside from gaining the requisite knowledge taught in my classes, I also feel that I have really developed my ability to learn and integrate new skills and information quickly.

Last, but certainly not least, I think that my personal traits and abilities make me the right person for this job. Analyzing and interpreting numbers comes easily to me, and I know that my sense of what constitues high quality has been appreciated by my previous employers.

Furthermore, I am cooperative, and dependable in my professional role.

I hope that this brief presentation has given you an idea of who I am, and what I can bring to Piramal Pharma Solutions. I feel strongly that I would be able to meet your expectations, and look forward to being called to an interview so that I might introduce myself further.


Gerard Wilkinson