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Financial Assistant Cover Letter

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Financial Assistant Cover Letter

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Mathematically skilled and judicious accounting assistant ready for new challenges

I am currently majoring in accounting at University of Birmingham. As I am looking to graduate in the near future, I have started searching for interesting job opportunities. When I read the ad for the financial assistant position at Cint, I knew right away that I wanted to apply for the job.

I am convinced I am the right person for the job!

There are several reasons why I believe I would be a good fit for you.

First, I would like to address my work experience. In addition to my studies, I work as an accounting assistant at PwC. During the one year I have worked here, I have learned a lot about accounting and administration, which I believe could translate into a real advantage for Cint.

Secondly, I would like to emphasize my education. As I mentioned, I will be graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting from University of Birmingham in the near future. Aside from the knowledge I have acquired during my studies, I have also learned how to quickly and efficiently take in and make use of new information.

Finally, I know that my personal and professional qualities make me the right person for this job. I see myself as a mathematically skilled person who is good at structuring the workload in a way that makes each day as efficient as possible. Furthermore, I also have the ability to be judicious and discerning, which I believe is important when you are working as a financial assistant.

A cover letter can say a lot about a person, but certainly far from everything. I have my fingers crossed in the hope that I will get to meet you to tell you more about myself, and how I might contribute to the future success of Cint.


Ismail Sema