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Factory Worker Cover Letter

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Factory Worker Cover Letter

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A couple of words from a future colleague

My name is Jess Antonio, and I have a background in manufacturing. Now I’m looking for new and exciting challenges.

When I read about the factory worker position at D&A Steering LTD / ICS, it definitely piqued my interest.

This job would suit me perfectly!

I would point to three factors in particular that I feel make me the right person for the position as factory worker.

The first would be my experience. During my three years at OCON Conveyors I have acquired a solid foundation of experience in striping, cleaning and assembly – these are skills that I look forward to developing and putting to good use as a member of your team at D&A Steering LTD / ICS. 

I also believe that my expertise and educational background are well in line with what you are looking for, and I always make sure to stay up to date when it comes to new information and developments that affect my job.

Last, but certainly not least, I think that my personal traits and abilities make me the right person for this job. I tend to have a flexible approach to most things, and I know that my ability to easily cooperate with others has been appreciated by my previous employers.

Furthermore, I am patient, and loyal in my professional role.

I hope that this application has aroused your curiosity. I also hope that I am the right person for you, and would love the chance to meet you so that we can get to know each other better.

Best regards,

Jess Antonio