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What is a Digital Resume and Cover Letter?

What is a Digital Resume and Cover Letter?

In today’s world, technology is powerful. It can provide an endless amount of opportunities, and allow you to connect in ways you never imagined.

Technology has delivered time and time again. Whether it’s used for video calls between missed loved ones, or to hold virtual meetings throughout businesses, this past year alone has proved to us just how important the online world is.

So, how does this relate to you, your job search, and digital resumes and cover letters? Well, it’s pretty simple really: with each day that passes, more and more of the world switches online. As that trend continues, the internet becomes even more substantial. It’s our first choice to find information, items, or someone to fill a position that just opened up.

If you’re looking for a way to ensure that companies are able to find you quickly and easily, now is the time to create an incredible digital cover letter and resume.

But what do the words “digital resume” and ”cover letter” mean, exactly? If you’re a writer, how to include published articles in resumes? And, how long should an electronic cover letter be? Here’s where it gets interesting.

What is a Digital Resume?

What is a digital resume and cover letter

A digital resume is a pretty exciting concept. As it can vary from person, history, and industry, there are few strict definitions of what a digital resume must look like.

For some, it means talking head videos on Youtube. For others, it’s ambition in fully-featured websites in which you can find their work and beautiful designs. When it comes to creating a digital resume, the only real limits are your imagination and skill set.

With this in mind, never think that you’re unprepared or inadequate. Plainly defined, all a digital resume really means is that recruiters are able to find your resume online. Since computers are essential in most businesses, a good portion of employers want to see that you at least have the technical skills to upload your resume to the internet. Sounds easy enough, right?

How to Include Published Articles in Resume

If you’re a writer, you’ll definitely want to include your published articles in your resume (especially if you’re applying for a writing role). Employers need to see examples of your work before even considering further contact – use this brief guide to prepare yourself and show them.

Here’s how to include published articles in resumes in just 4 steps:

  1. Grab your documents, and put them in a separate resume subdivision called “Publications.”
  2. Go into your resume, and add your publications underneath your education.
  3. From here, write down each publication in a new bullet point. Ensure you list the year and title.
  4. Don’t skip on the name of the magazine, website, journal.

What is a Digital Cover Letter?

what is a digital resume and cover letter

Aside from your digital resume, it would help if you also considered including a digital cover letter when applying online. Contrary to popular belief, this is an essential document, and will definitely influence your being selected for an interview.

Similar to your resume, your digital cover letter when applying online should include the most important facts about you. Try to cover at least the following:

  • The position you’re applying for.
  • Highlight your skills and qualifications, but keep them relevant to the role.
  • Show your potential employer how you can fit within their requirements.

How Long Should An Electronic Cover Letter Be?

A digital cover letter should be clear, concise, and paint an accurate picture. Simplicity is key here, so stay on target.

What May Happen if the Line Length of Your Electronic Cover Letter Exceeds 65 Characters?

If the line length of your digital cover letter exceeds 65 characters, you may find that your message may appear uneven, or challenging to read on the receiver’s screen. This is not something you want, as in most cases, they will not get in touch to request a correction.

While this is just an if and but, the overall outcome can vary from business to business. In most cases, a one-page cover is considered the norm. However, if you find that you have a good enough reason to exceed, then don’t be afraid to send it off. Sure, some may disregard it because you exceeded the limit; however, some businesses may not mind.

To make sure you get it right first time, why not use Cowrite’s digital writing technology? We help you to create high-quality texts in no time. All you have to do is answer several questions about your education and experience. Then, let the Cowrite robot work its magic as it suggests pieces of text based on your answers. You can vary all the elements of text; thus creating the perfect digital resume or cover letter for you.

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