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Cowrite’s AI Resume Builder will help you write a professional resume in just a few minutes. Watch your resume unfold before your eyes.


Why use the Resume Builder?

  • Superior quality
  • Fast and easy
  • Customized to suit every type of job and employer

How does it work?

Effective, easy and generates results! I highly recommend anyone trying out Cowrite.
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This service was very easy to use, quick and intuitive. The outcome was excellent, it helped me a lot.
Review from Trustpilot

How our Resume Builder helps you create a fantastic resume

A state-of-the-art resume builder software
Cowrite has created an application that takes templates to a whole new level. By answering simple questions about yourself, your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile will simultaneously unfold before your eyes. You’ll think it is magic, but it is really only innovative technology, created by people who love building really cool stuff.

To increase your chances of landing the interview, it is absolutely crucial that your application is well-written and tailored for the job. This is precisely what Cowrite will help you achieve.

How does the technology work?
Cowrite’s advanced algorithms seamlessly weave together your answers with pre-written texts sections from a large database. The content in the database are created by professional copywriters with a vast experience from helping people brush up their resumes and cover letters. This means that your resume will be of exceptional quality.

You can find examples of resumes created by our Resume Builder below. Writing your resume with Cowrite takes around 10 minutes. Imagine being just a click away from your perfect resume!

Who created the service?
The texts generated by this application have been created by Cowrite’s experienced and highly-trained team of copywriters. We will help you with the design, the content and the spark of your perfect application.

It’s free to try!
Increase your chances of landing that dream job! Minimize the risk of being outperformed by other applicants before you even get to the interview. And, if you don’t like the what you see , you pay nothing.

Try now!

Six resume writing tips

1. Create attention
Your resume should begin with your contact details, such as your name, e-mail and links to your homepage and LinkedIn profile. But, as the top half of your resume is valuable real estate, you should use it to pique your reader’s interest. Summarize why you are awesome by quickly stating your skills and experience.

2. Show impact
The bulk of your resume should focus on your work experience. List your past jobs in reverse chronological order, starting with the latest or current position first. Focus on the impact and results of your work.

3. List your tech skills
Systems are a crucial part of today’s workplace, and your proficiency level matters. List your level of proficiency in systems relevant to the job you’re applying to.

4. Stand out from the crowd
What is your edge within your profession? Make sure to figure that out, and make it show in your resume. There are many applicants to each position, and your uniqueness might be the thing that will work in your favor.

5. Keep it short and sweet
Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. Keep that in mind when writing your resume. Be concise and focus on the relevant information.

6. Proofread. Tomorrow.
Let your resume rest for a day or two, then proofread it. You will almost certainly change something when revisiting your text after a good night’s sleep.

Resume example

We will shortly post resume examples here.

Resume example

We will shortly post resume examples here.

What does it cost?


24 hours

Creating an account and profile is free of charge. You'll get to design your resume before paying anything.

  • Price

  • 9 USD

7 days

Creating an account and profile is free of charge. You'll get to design your resume before paying anything.

  • Price

  • 19 USD

30 days

Creating an account and profile is free of charge. You'll get to design your resume before paying anything.

  • Price

  • 25 USD

3 months

Creating an account and profile is free of charge. You'll get to design your resume before paying anything.

  • Price

  • 35 USD

1 year

Creating an account and profile is free of charge. You'll get to design your resume before paying anything.

  • Price

  • 100 USD


What is the Resume Builder?

It is a fantastic service that creates high-quality resumes. You will be surprised the first time you use the product, as the result is truly mind-boggling. And that’s not just us talking. We get mails for users daily, telling us they finally landed that interview for the job they were applying for.

Can I write my resume and cover letter with this service?

This is the best CV-writing software on the market. We have used the same technology to create a Cover Letter Builder and a LinkedIn Profile Builder. Choose among different resume templates and build your resume and cover letter simultaneously, using beautiful graphics.

Why should I use the Resume Builder instead of writing my resume from scratch?

Writing resumes is something many people struggle with. The standard method is to find an online template, tweak it and be done with it. Or, finding a mediocre free resume builder, which gets you a generic “off-the-shelf” resume that will get you nowhere.

The crux of the matter is that your resume constitutes an essential step of the job application process. If the resume is poorly designed, your chances of getting to an in-person interview drop to close to zero. It is, sadly, as simple as that.

Cowrite combines your answers to questions about yourself, and the position you’re applying for, with a vast database of content, written by real, professional copywriters. You will find your Cowrite resume to be concise, eloquent and spelled correctly. By the way, did we mention that it will be beautiful, too?

In short, it will be everything it should be.

Who can use Cowrite's Resume Builder?

Everyone looking for a job. Really.

What are the main benefits in using the Resume Builder?

The most important are listed below:

– Your resume will be professional, eloquent, and spelled correctly.

– Your resume will be tailored for the specific job you’re applying for.

– Your chances of getting the interview will increase dramatically.

– The process is quick and easy, which means you can do something more enjoyable with your scarce time, like watching your favorite movie, “Jaws”.

Why should I pay for this?

As with lots of other things in life, quality comes at a cost. Cowrite’s Resume Builder is a premium product. We have no desire to provide you with a mediocre, generic off-the-shelf resume, which is what you will get with the alternatives. We want to give you a resume that actually works. One that will take you all the way to the interview.

Does it really work? It sounds too good to be true.

Every week, thousands of resumes are created using Cowrite’s Resume Builder.

So yes, it really works. And it’s really good.

Stop reading about Cowrite now and give it a go. You’ll see for yourself. And you pay nothing if you don’t like what the Resume Builder creates for you.

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