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About us

Our story

Cowrite was founded in 2014 by Fredrik Hanefalk and Magnus Paues, with a vision to automate creativity and find a way to scale up copywriting.

We developed our own text automation technology (augmented writing) which, when the AI revolution became a reality, evolved into a very advanced prompt engineering tool. Today, we make generative AI accessible to thousands of people every day.

Our idea is to democratize generative AI, which means that everyone should be able to benefit from the technology, whether they are AI enthusiasts or have never used AI.

We do this by pedagogically guiding the user to the text they want to create. Cowrite automatically generates the necessary instructions for the AI in the background. Additionally, Cowrite is often integrated into the system the user uses daily, making the experience seamless and worry-free.

Cowrite currently operates in career development (CV, personal letter, and interview training), real estate (property descriptions), and recruitment (job advertisements and interview questions).

Today, about 1.5 million Swedes have access to Cowrite’s CV service through their trade union. Almost all real estate chains have Cowrite integrated into their brokerage systems, and recruitment companies like Lernia and Jobandtalent use Cowrite daily to create job advertisements.