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Receptionist Cover Letter

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Receptionist Cover Letter

This is the place to be if you’re writing a cover letter for a receptionist position. Use our example below, or create your own, tailored cover letter using our Cover Letter Builder.

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A couple of words from your future receptionist

My name is Luke Johnson, and I have a background in banking, where I’ve primarily worked with customer service. Now I’m looking for new and exciting challenges.

When I read about the receptionist position at [Company Name], it definitely piqued my interest.

I was born for this job!

Why do I think that [Company Name] should consider me for this job?

First of all, I feel that my professional background has prepared me well for the challenges that any receptionist has to face. My role as office assistant at [Current Employer] has meant a lot to me, and has provided me with invaluable experience in client management and service.

In the past, I have also worked as warehouse worker at [Former Employer].

In addition to these experiences, I also bring with me a solid education. My administration course from Jordan High School is a good fit for the job requirements and my years of schooling have also honed my ability to learn new things quickly.

Last, but perhaps most importantly, I strongly believe that my personal traits make me the right person for [Company Name]. In terms of my role as a professional, I have always prided myself on being empathetic and flexible. I know that my natural tendency to form successful relationships will help me succeed and I am a person who is very service-oriented.

I hope that this brief presentation has given you an idea of who I am, and what I can bring to [Company Name]. I feel strongly that I would be able to meet your expectations, and look forward to being called to an interview so that I might introduce myself further.