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Electrical Engineer Cover Letter

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Electrical Engineer Cover Letter

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I want to work for you!

My name is Nancy White. For the past four years, I’ve been running my own company in Tampa. The time I’ve spent being my own boss has probably been similar to most people’s experience with running their own business – rewarding, frightening, exciting, and a chance to learn new things. However, I feel that the time has come for me to accept a new challenge in my career. With this in mind, I was very excited to read about the electrical engineer position at [Company Name].

I believe that I am the perfect fit for you!

There are several reasons why I consider myself a good fit for the available position. Here are the most important:

First of all, I have relevant work experience. During my years as self-employed I learned a great deal and gained valuable experience in designing, implementing and improving electrical instruments. I also feel that my experiences from other jobs I have had in the past, can be of great use to [Company Name]. Earlier in my career, I worked as electrician at [Former Employer].

Secondly, I would like to highlight the fact that my educational background meets the requirements you have for the electrical engineer position. I have a Master’s degree in electrical engineering from Florida State University and I make it a priority to stay up to date on the topics related to my field of work.

Finally, I know that my personal and professional qualities make me the right person for this job. I see myself as a cooperative person who is very knowledgeable in the areas of business and economics. Furthermore, I also have a strong analytical ability and a knack for problem-solving, which I believe is important when you are working as an electrical engineer.

I hope that this brief presentation has given you a small taste of who I am, and what I can bring to your team. I also hope that I will be given the opportunity to meet you for an interview, so that I may give you an even better idea of why I am the right person for you.

Best regards,

Nancy White