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Dietitian Cover Letter

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Dietitian Cover Letter

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A couple of words from your future dietitian

My name is Mark Wright, and my most recent job was as a dietitian at [Company Name]. Now, I feel more ready than ever to take on new challenges in my career. With this in mind, I was very excited to learn that your team at [Company Name] is looking for a new dietitian.

I’m confident that I can meet, and even exceed, the expectations you have on your new dietitian.

There are several reasons why I consider myself a good fit for the available position. Here are the most important:

First of all, I have relevant work experience. During my eight years at [Company Name], I learned a great deal and gained valuable experience in developing nutrition plans for clients and tracking client progress towards their health goals. I also feel that my experiences from other jobs I have had in the past, can be of great use to [Company Name]. Earlier in my career, I worked as a personal trainer at [Gym].

Secondly, I would like to highlight the fact that my educational background meets the requirements you have for the dietitian position. I have a Bachelor’s degree in nutrition and health from The Ohio State University and I make it a priority to stay up to date on the topics related to my field of work.

When working as a dietitian, it is important to have the right traits for the job. I am calm and approachable in my encounters with patients and colleagues. I am also straightforward person who tries to look at various situations from a holistic perspective.

I hope that this brief presentation has given you a small taste of who I am, and what I can bring to your team. I also hope that I will be given the opportunity to meet you for an interview, so that I may give you an even better idea of why I am the right person for you.

Best regards,

Mark Wright