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Office Administrator Cover Letter

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Office Administrator Cover Letter

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Say hello to your new office administrator

Since I left my job as an office administrator, I have been looking for a job where I can put my skills to good use. When I read about the office administrator position at KKSM Staff Solutions, it immediately caught my attention.

I am writing to let you know that I would jump at the chance to be your new colleague!

I believe I am just the right person for you!

Why do I think that KKSM Staff Solutions should consider me for this job?

First of all, I feel that my professional background has prepared me well for the challenges that any office administrator has to face. My role as an office administrator at Peter Mills Property has meant a lot to me, and has provided me with invaluable experience when it comes to reception duties, managing inquiries and customer service.

In the past, I have also worked as receptionist at Entry Point North.

I also believe that my expertise and educational background are well in line with what you are looking for, and I always make sure to stay up to date when it comes to new information and developments that affect my job.

When working as an office administrator, it is important to have the right traits for the job. I am good at structuring my workload in a way that makes each day as efficient as possible. I am also sociable person who is calm and approachable in my encounters with customers and colleagues.

I really hope that I get the chance to work as an office administrator with your team at KKSM Staff Solutions, and look forward to meeting you very soon!

Yours truly,

Casey Irwin