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Research Assistant Cover Letter

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Research Assistant Cover Letter

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Quality-conscious sales representative with ability to work in a structured manner

My name is Aron and I am currently a third-year student at Brown University, where I am majoring in economics. When I read about the opportunity to work with collecting and analyzing data and to prepare reports at [Company Name], it definitely piqued my interest in the job, as well as your organization!

This job would suit me perfectly!

There are several reasons why I consider myself a good fit for the available position. Here are the most important:

First of all, I have relevant work experience. During my two years at [Current Employer], I learned a great deal and gained valuable experience in managing research processes and conducting interviews. I also feel that my experiences from other jobs I have had in the past, can be of great use to [Company Name].

I also believe that my expertise and educational background are well in line with what you are looking for. I have, for instance, taken a course in administration. I also always make sure to stay up to date when it comes to new information and developments that affect my job.

Experience and knowledge are important aspects, but they tend to pale in comparison to having the right personal qualities. I am often described as communicative, structured and quality-conscious – traits that I believe are all important to succeeding as research assistant.

I really hope that I get the chance to work as a research assistant with your team at [Company Name], and look forward to meeting you very soon!


Aron Boulder