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Office Manager Cover Letter

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Office Manager Cover Letter

Want to become an office manager? Let’s start with your cover letter. A cover letter can be tricky to write. Fortunately, we’ve already written a great example that you can be inspired by, or use as a template when writing your own. Scroll down to read our example.

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Edward + [Company Name] = A very good idea

My name is Edward Murphy and I am currently in my third year of my Bachelor’s degree in PR and marketing at Rice University. When I read about the office manager position at [Company Name], I was immediately interested as the job description is a good match for the kind of work I would like to do after I graduate.

I believe I am just the right person for you!

There are several reasons why I believe I would be a good fit for you.

First of all, the jobs I have had before and during my studies have helped me grow in many different ways. In addition to my current course load, I am also working as a receptionist at [Company Name]. During the six months I have worked here, I have learned a great deal. Not just about service and administration, but also about the insurance industry in general.

I also have the right educational background to meet the requirements for the office manager position. Studying at Rice University has been very valuable to me in several key ways. Aside from acquiring the skills and knowledge associated with PR and marketing, I have also managed to build a sizable network, and have had the opportunity to participate in exciting projects, in addition to my academic coursework.

Last, but certainly not least, I think that my personal traits and abilities make me the right person for this job. I am able to easily adapt to new situations and conditions, and I know that my high ability to communicate effectively and inspire people has been appreciated by my previous employers.

Furthermore, I am sociable and service-minded in my professional role.

I really hope that I get the chance to work as an office manager with your team at [Company Name], and look forward to meeting you very soon!


Edward Murphy