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Librarian Cover Letter

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Librarian Cover Letter

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Structured and service-minded librarian at your service

Since I left my job as a librarian, I have been looking for a job where I can put my skills to good use. When I read about the librarian position at [Library], it immediately caught my attention.

I am writing to let you know that I would jump at the chance to be your new colleague!

I’m convinced I’m the right person for the job!

There are several reasons why I consider myself a good fit for the available position. Here are the most important:

First of all, I have relevant work experience. During my two years at [Library], I learned a great deal and gained valuable experience in customer service. I also feel that my experiences from other jobs I have had in the past, can be of great use to [Library]. Earlier in my career, I worked as salesclerk at my local bookstore.

Secondly, I know that my educational background has prepared me well for a job at [Library]. I have an Associate degree in library science from University of Chicago, and I have also taken a course in library database administration.

Last, but not least, I believe that my personality makes me well suited for a job at [Library]. I am very structured and organized in the way I approach my work, and I have a natural ability and desire to serve others. Additionally, I have always had good use for my ability to easily adjust and course-correct when the situation so requires.

I hope that this application has aroused your curiosity. I also hope that I am the right person for you, and would love the chance to meet you so that we can get to know each other better.

Best regards,

Kathleen Wood