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Data Scientist Cover Letter

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Data Scientist Cover Letter

Has the time come to write a cover letter? Are you applying for data scientist or computer science positions? In that case, use this example as a template for your cover letter.

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Your new data scientist!

My name is Bill Carson, and I’ve been working as a data scientist at [Current Employer] in Amsterdam for seven years. It’s been a gratifying job where I’ve been in a position to grow over the years, but I am not the type to turn down a new challenge.

When I read about the position as data scientist at [Company Name], it piqued my interest right away. The position, as described, offers exactly the kind of challenge I’ve been looking for.

This job would suit me perfectly!

There are many reasons for this, but I would like to emphasize the following:

First and foremost, I know that my previous work experiences have given my the knowledge and skills required to be able to handle and learn the tasks that are essential to the data scientist position. Aside from providing me with the tools to handle the challenges any company in the aviation industry might face, my work as a data scientist at [Current Employer] has also allowed me to explore my interest in collecting and interpreting data. Furthermore, I have gained experience in developing complex mathematical models that integrate business rules and requirements, which I believe would be very useful when working as a data scientist at [Company Name].

Secondly, I know that my educational background has prepared me well for a job at [Company Name]. I have a Master’s degree in applied mathematics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and I have also taken a course in machine learning.

When working as a data scientist, it is important to have the right traits for the job. I am used to working strategically and with long term objectives in mind. I am also organized person who enjoys working with others as part of a team.

I hope that this brief presentation has given you an idea of who I am, and what I can bring to [Company Name]. I feel strongly that I would be able to meet your expectations, and look forward to being called to an interview so that I might introduce myself further.