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Customer Assistant Cover Letter

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Customer Assistant Cover Letter

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Say hello to your new Customer Assistant

My name is Curtis Alexander, and I have a background in sales and customer service. Now I’m looking for new and exciting challenges.

When I read about the Customer Assistant position at Marks & Spencer, it definitely piqued my interest.

I am convinced that this job would suit me well and that I, in turn, would be a great fit for the job.

The way I see it, there are several factors that suggest that I am the right person to contribute to your continued success.

First of all, my previous work experience has given me a stable foundation to build on when it comes to working with serving customer and help coordinate the daily challenges within retail. My job as Sales Assistant has been particularly important when it comes to developing the skills necessary to succeed as a Customer Assistant.

I also believe that my expertise and educational background are well in line with what you are looking for, and I always make sure to stay up to date when it comes to new information and developments that affect my job.

There is much to be said for experience and education, but most vital to succeeding at a job are someone’s personal qualities. I am able to easily adapt to new situations and conditions and I have natural tendency to form successful relationships. I would also describe myself as empathetic, service-minded and communicative.

I hope that this brief presentation has given you an idea of who I am, and what I can bring to Marks & Spencer. I feel strongly that I would be able to meet your expectations, and look forward to being called to an interview so that I might introduce myself further.


Curtis Alexander