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Copywriter Cover Letter

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Copywriter Cover Letter

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I want to work for you!

My name is Michelle Adams and I am currently working as a freelance copywriter in Seattle. I have worked in my current capacity for two years, and it’s been an exciting time of personal and professional growth for me. However, I do feel that now is the time for new adventures in my career. This is why I was so excited to read about the copywriter position at [Company Name].

I was born for this job!

There are several factors that I believe make me a good fit for this job:

First of all, I am confident that my previous work experience makes me well suited for a job in research and develop ideas with you. My role as a copywriter has helped me grow in several key ways, and the experience I’ve gained in creating and editing copy has strongly contributed to my professional development. In addition to this, my earlier work as substitute teacher at [School], has equipped me with the skills necessary to succeed in the role as copywriter.

My educational background is also a good fit for the demands placed on your new copywriter. In addition to everything I learned in my classes as an english major, studying at University of Washington also gave me a large network and valuable experiences of a different kind.

There is much to be said for experience and education, but most vital to succeeding at a job are someone’s personal qualities. I am naturally very creative and I have ability to easily cooperate with others. I would also describe myself as adaptable, quality-conscious and verbal.

I hope that this brief presentation of who I am has been of interest to you, and that I will be afforded the chance of an interview with you. I am convinced that I would be able to meet and exceed the [Company Name]’s expectations of a copywriter, and I would relish the opportunity to prove it.

Yours truly,