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Consulting Cover Letter

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Consulting Cover Letter

When writing your cover letter there is a couple of things to keep in mind. First, have a clear and good disposition, try keeping it concise and customize your text for the job you’re applying for. This is often easier said than done, and that’s why we’ve created a Cover Letter Builder. Our textrobot helps you write great cover letters in no time. Creating an account is free and before payment is required you get to see your cover letter.

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I want to work for you!

My name is Lauren Ward, and for the past six years, I have been running my own company, Ward Consulting. It is difficult to put into words just what an enjoyable and challenging journey it’s been, and just how much I have learned.

However, there is a time for everything, and the time has now come for me to move on to a new kind of adventure. I would love for that adventure to be the business consultant position and the opportunity to work with all of you at West Monroe Partners!

I believe I am just the right person for you!

There are several reasons why I consider myself a good fit for the available position. Here are the most important:

First of all, I have relevant work experience. During my six years at Ward Consulting, I learned a great deal and gained valuable experience in business development and project management. I also feel that my experiences from other jobs I have had in the past, can be of great use to West Monroe Partners. Earlier in my career, I worked as management consultant at TML Consulting.

Secondly, I would like to highlight the fact that my educational background meets the requirements you have for the business consultant position. I have a Master’s degree in business from University of Wisconsin and I make it a priority to stay up to date on the topics related to my field of work.

Finally, I know that my personal qualities and abilities make me well suited for this role. I am very knowledgeable in the areas of business and economics, and I have a high level of numerical analytical ability. The people I have worked with would probably also describe me as judicious, achievement-oriented and motivating.

I hope that this brief presentation of who I am has been of interest to you, and that I will be afforded the chance of an interview with you. I am convinced that I would be able to meet and exceed the West Monroe Partners’s expectations of a business consultant, and I would relish the opportunity to prove it.

Best regards,

Lauren Ward