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Administrative assistant Cover Letter

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Administrative assistant Cover Letter

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Loyal office manager with sound judgement

Meet Eli Murphy – office manager with a passion for structure and service. I read about the administrative assistant position at Raytheon Intelligence & Info and knew right away that I wanted to apply for the job.

This job would suit me perfectly!

There are several factors that I believe make me a good fit for this job:

First of all, I am confident that my previous work experience makes me well suited for a job in administration with you. My role as office manager has helped me grow in several key ways, and the experience I’ve gained in public relations and client care has strongly contributed to my professional development. In addition to this, my earlier work as secretary at Wynne Transport Service Inc, has equipped me with the skills necessary to succeed in the role as administrative assistant.

Secondly, I would like to highlight the fact that my educational background fits the requirements for this role. I have received adequate on-the-job training, such as courses in Excel and other case management tools.

When working as an administrative assistant, it is important to have the right traits for the job. By excercising good judgement, I am able to evaluate complex information and make well-founded decisions. I am also a loyal person and a good planner who prefers to approach tasks with as much structure and organization as possible.

I hope that this application has aroused your curiosity. I also hope that I am the right person for you, and would love the chance to meet you so that we can get to know each other better.

Yours truly,