Office Assistant Cover Letter

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Office Assistant Cover Letter

Are you writing a cover letter for a job as an Office Assistant? Use this example as a template for your cover letter. In addition, you can use the example to write a cover letter for Assistant jobs.

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Office Assistant Cover Letter

Studying PR and marketing at Boston College has been one of the most rewarding experiences anyone could hope to have. No two days have been alike, and I’ve learned a tremendous amount. I would be leaving my home of these past few years with a heavy heart, if I weren’t confident that bigger and better things await. A perfect example of one such opportunity would be the Office Assistant position with [Company Name].

My name is Linda Smith and I am hoping to convince you that I should be your choice.

I believe I am just the right person for you!

The way I see it, there are several factors that suggest that I am the right person to contribute to your continued success.

First of all, my previous work experience has given me a stable foundation to build on when it comes to working in service and organizing and coordination. My job as Sales Clerk has been particularly important when it comes to developing the skills necessary to succeed as an Office Assistant.

My educational background is also a good fit for the demands placed on your new office assistant. In addition to everything I learned in my classes as a PR and marketing major, studying at Boston College also gave me a large network and valuable experiences of a different kind.

There is much to be said for experience and education, but most vital to succeeding at a job are someone’s personal qualities. I always strive to interact with others in a manner that is authentic and friendly and I have natural sense of calm. I would also describe myself as flexible, mature and judicious.

A cover letter can say a lot about a person, but certainly far from everything. I have my fingers crossed in the hope that I will get to meet you to tell you more about myself, and how I might contribute to the future success of [Company Name].

Yours truly,

Linda Smith

How did we create this cover letter?

The examples in this list are created in our Cover Letter Generator, which you find here. The structure behind these texts is the proven rhetoric disposition that was invented in ancient Greece more than 2000 years ago. They say wine gets better with age, well, that doesn’t really go for the rhetoric disposition. It was brilliant in the beginning, and it is still brilliant.

Its main parts are the following:

a) Introduction
Spark your reader’s curiosity! Write something that makes the recipient remember you and want to continue reading.

b) Background
What is it that made you want you want to do what you do? What are you currently working on? What are you looking for?

c) The statement of the case
Your statement is, of course, that you are the perfect match for the job.

d) Argumentation
This is your time to shine. Describe why you are perfect for the role. Adapt the text to the most important parts of the job described in the ad. Try to find examples of what you’ve done that prove that you meet the specific requirements.

e) The conclusion
You have the opportunity to be creative here – feel free to finish up with a “call-to-action”, that they really should meet with you. It could also be a brief summary or any other creative idea that you come up with, something that makes the recipient want to take the next step with you.

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